Our Services

For several years, “S. Guy Gauthier Évaluateur Inc.” has been developing and maintaining a comprehensive database of comparables and market research. Our evaluators perfectly understand the interrelationships between local and international market dynamics.

Our appraisers will provide you with sufficient information to assist you in taking decisions concerning

Financial statements

We provide appraisal reports that are in accordance with the definition of fair value, complying with the requirements of IFRS 13.

Financing and financial planing

Our appraisers are accredited with the majors Canadian and U.S. financial institutions.
We are now the most recommended appraisal firm by financial institutions.

Projects in strategic planning, development or generational transfer require extensive knowledge of asset value.

It is the same for settling disputes.


We work with insurers as well as with policyholders.

Sale, purchase and/or transfer of equipment and/or companies

It is important to know the specific value of the equipment in order to optimize the transaction

We provide different types of reports to fulfill your needs

Appraisal Reports
Appraisal Reviews
Title Searches
Equipment History
Serial Number Validation
SAAQ History
Physical Inspections
Other services, according to the needs of our client

We specialize in several areas of machinery and equipment, such as:

Construction Equipment
Trailers and Trucks
Machinery and Forestry Equipment
Mining Machinery and Equipment
Crushing Machinery and Equipment
Asphalt Machinery and Equipment
Industrial Machinery and Equipment